This update covers the following:


Video update from NZVA President

In this short video, NZVA President Peter Blaikie explains the NZVA’s role in the eradication decision, what NZVA is doing to support members and farmers, and the role of our new M. bovis Steering Group.

Watch the video


Dates of industry/MPI roadshows

MPI has release initial information about a series of roadshows being run around the country for farmers. NZVA members will speak at some of these events. We will forward more information as we get it.

Roadshow events


MPI’s M. bovis presentation – useful information to share with farmers

MPI has prepared a standard presentation that it will use at the roadshow events.

This presentation provides overview information about M. bovis and the eradication plan.

The visual nature of these slides means they might be useful to you when you are talking to farmers. (A picture tells a thousand words …)

You are welcome to share them with your clients.

View the presentation.


Latest MPI fact sheet – details on testing, source of infection

MPI’s latest stakeholder update includes some more details on a number of issues, including testing and the history of the outbreak.

Read the latest update here.

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